Date: Saturday 4th May
Time: 1.15pm
Venue: Tullycross Church  Teach Ceoil, Tully
Tickets: €8 per person or 2 for €15

Curlew Theatre present Hunger – a play for voices.

In devising the piece, used mostly direct documentary evidence, in mostly direct quotation. There’s a bibliography at the back of the program citing the works he drew from. These quotations (sometimes a little adjusted) he has sewn together with some incidental linking bits of his own. This documentary evidence includes, of course, poems and songs as well as political speeches and oral memories.

Our hope is that through immersion in what these living dead voices are telling us, our sense of some of the features of that unspeakable Famine landscape will become clearer to us, and open us to a somewhat more immediate feeling about it.

In keeping with the famine theme will give a talk about the The Lost Valley, offering a unique window into the cultural heritage of The West of Ireland. Indeed it is in itself, arguably the finest memorial of The Great Famine that remain today. Visit the ruined famine Village and see the multitude of potato ridges that have lain undisturbed and unattended for nearly two centuries.