A production by Curlew Theatre Company
Date: Sunday 30th April
Time: 5.45pm
Venue: Tullycross Church
Tickets: €5

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The Curlew Theatre Company’s  latest production, History: Reading the Easter Rising, takes a multifaceted look, through documents, poems, songs and eye-witness stories  at not only the Rising itself but at its violent aftermaths – the Anglo-Irish War and the Civil War – bringing all to life, through the simple but directly affecting medium of the human voice. We intend neither simple celebration nor criticism, but rather to offer a view on it all.

Curlew Theatre Company

The Curlew Theatre Company, based in Renvyle,  performs ‘plays for voices’ devised by Eamonn Grennan and performed by Sean Coyne and Tegolin Knowland. Each of these takes a crucial element in Irish history and explores it in depth, seeking to bring everything down to a close, even intimate, relationship between players and audience. They have performed all over Ireland and also in the USA and for the Department of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, Holland.