In recent years, Galway has featured high on the national radar for food, being named “The Food Capital of Ireland” and now for 2018, The European Region of Gastronomy. This award recognises our rich landscape, our food heritage, our food producers, our cultural diversity and the quality of produce presented in our wonderful restaurants, prepared by the hands of our talented chefs.

The European Region of Gastronomy award is about :

  • Looking to the past to build a sustainable future.
  • Supporting and promoting our hard-working food producers and farmers.
  • Ensuring that good local food is accessible for all.
  • Ensuring that our children will be educated about food provenance and healthy eating.
  • Promoting Galway as a quality, international food tourism destination.
  • Collaboration across the community between the public and private sectors.

This award is your award – get involved, be part of the food revolution!

From the ground up – feeding our future